Foreign Trade Consultancy Services

DHSB consultancy provides absolute consultancy on Foreign Trade Policy including the procedure as well. Further, it includes Liaison with DGFT, JtDGFT, Ministry, Customs, Air Port, Sea Port etc.

Some of our FTP services are:
• Licenses under MEIS/ROSCTIL/TMA Scheme
• Licenses under SEIS Scheme.
• Sale & Purchase of MEIS/SEIS/ROSCTIL.
• Issuance, Amendment and Redemption of Advance Licenses
• Issuance, Amendment and Redemption of E.P.C.G. Licenses
• Issuance of Invalidation Letter /ARO under Advance/EPCG License
• Dealing with TED matter with Zonal DGFT/DGFT Hq
• Dealing PRC/EPCG Committee matter with regards to EPCG, Advance Licenses, etc.
• Issuance of Import/Export Licenses under restricted Items
• Issuance/Amendment of Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
• Fixation of Input Output Norms from DGFT/Ministry of Commerce.
• Handling all the Committee cases in DGFT, HQ
• Cancellation of BOND/BG from Customs against EPCG/Advance Licenses.
• Follow up of DBK (Drawback) Claims from Different Ports, i.e. Delhi and Mumbai.
• Registration with different Councils.
• Registration/Return of GST and Matter related to refund of GST etc.
• Issuance of FASSAI License both State and Central.
• Clearance of imports and exports shipments from Delhi and Mumbai.

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